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Advocating a new macroeconomic framework and congressional process to deliver...

"Wellbeing For All"


Key Elements

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Universal WellBeing

It's really that simple


Universal WellBeing

Civilution is an evolution of our economy, our stewardship, our culture. It is a recognition that we are born into a world where life is not a contest but a gift. Where all of us are given the opportunity to find our own purpose, to contribute in our own way, to deliver with our own strengths.



Balance Economics

We recognize that everything is fueled by currency. It is the catalyst for all civil initiatives. It's application serves best when used as a positive incentive and not a regulation incentive.

Currency is a non zero sum game and requires a well designed and managed macroeconomic model that balances currency injection with currency extraction to avoid price fluctuations and inflation/deflation.

  • Shift the legislative purpose to one of capital impact investment. Initiatives are measured by civil, inflation, and resource capacity scoring.  Debt and cost scoring is given little if any weight.

  • Replace income based taxation with an adjustable Universal Tax (aka Transaction Tax or Payments Tax) that extracts currency from the overall money supply to offset legislative initiatives as required for monetary balance.



Civil Stewardship

Affect legislative process to adopt a new macroeconomic model and deliver measurable civil stewardship.



Civilution is an evolution of our economy, our stewardship, our culture. It is a recognition that we are born into a world where life is not a contest but a gift. Where all of us are given the opportunity to find our own purpose, to contribute in our own way, to deliver with our own strengths.


Macro Stewardship

The above economic model allows lawmakers to be more responsive to the needs of the society without ill-placed political and poorly understood economic constraints.

The core elements of stewardship include:


  • Protection

    • Military

    • Fraud, Predatory

    • Abuse

  • Safety

    • Climate, Environment, Ecology

    • Food

    • Transportation

  • Well being

    • Universal

      • Healthcare

      • Basic Income

      • Education

    • Dignified Retirement

    • Social Services

    • Housing

  • Infrastructure

    • Physical

    • Digital

  • Balance

    • Equity

  • Exploration



Impact Initiatives

Tax policy upgrade
Remove current income, asset, and sales tax laws and replace with adjustable Universal Transaction Tax

  1. Propose legislative initiative

  2. Score proposed initiative for:

    • Price control

    • Resource capacity

    • Civil impact

  3. Set built-in stabilizers

  4. Pass initiative as a Civil Act

  5. Inject investment currency

  6. Track performance

  7. Adjust monetary extraction for:

    • Inflation control

    • Pricing control



Responsible Spending

The burden of legislative initiatives being constrained by increased debt is substantially lessened with the Civilution model.  In place of that constraint there are a number of other measures that must be made to identify 1) any inflationary stress, 2) natural resource impacts, and 3) wellbeing improvements.


If debt is no longer a primary constraint there must still be guardrails in place to avoid inflation from unfettered legislative spending. Milton Friedman coined inflation as "too many dollars chasing too few goods" or what is commonly called demand-pull inflation.  Proposed legislative initiatives will inject currency into the money supply.  It is important to measure how economic resources are impacted:

  • Product resources - Such things as construction supplies, computer hardware, manufacturing equipment, etc.

  • Human resources - What FTE and talent is required

  • Time resources - Progress timeline in line with the above resources

Natural Resources

Identify and measure potential impacts on natural resources such as energy needs and sources, water, air quality, raw materials, etc.  This includes location impacts, long term management, recycling, and disposal.  Include a clear understanding of the ecological impact of growth and carrying capacity pressure.


A key scoring component is the value to the culture. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a good backdrop for measurement:

  • What is the intended impact?

  • Who experiences the intended impact?

  • How significant is the intended impact?

The independent verification may be conducted in different ways, i.e., as part of a financial audit, by an independent internal impact assessment committee, or through a portfolio/fund performance evaluation. The frequency and complexity of the verification process should consider its cost, relative to the size of the fund or institution concerned, and appropriate confidentiality.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a broad description of principles and methods for impact measurement.



Civil Evolution

Civilution believes in the strength of a capital economy to encourage innovation, balance wealth, and it's efficiency with product and service distribution. However, by it's own inherent structure, it devolves to unsustainable inequities if left untended.


Civilution does not support the laissez faire model but instead encourages incentive based guidance. If well designed and managed, a capital economy can coexist with advanced civil stewardship and they will reinforce each other.


For example, UBI strengthens the Customer Class which is the No. 1 value of companies. It's economic stimulus via the consumer. Companies are competitively focused on delivering value to the market, i.e., incentive based guidance.

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